The Bawany Family is one of the oldest group in Pakistan. The Bawany Family is involved in many social activities and industrial undertaking since inception of Pakistan 1947.

The founder trustee Late Yahya Ahmed Bawany established AAL Bawany Foundation. The following institutions were set up.

1. Bawany High School, Demra, Dhaka Bangladesh former East Pakistan was built in 1957-58. It was nationalized by the Government of Bangladesh and managed by them.

2. Ahmed Bawany Academy, Armani Tola, Dhaka, Bangladesh former East Pakistan was built in 1963-64. It was nationalized by the Government of Bangladesh and managed by them.

3. Ahmed Bawany Academy and Kaka Bawany Vocational Centre, Federal B. Area, Karachi, Pakistan were established in 1998-2000 under Family Management in the memory of his father Mr.Ahmed Ebrahim Bawany and Uncle Latif Ebrahim Bawany who was known as Kaka.

Initially, the school was opened from Montessori to Class IV and gradually turned toward Matric System which is equivalent to grade 10 and is English Medium. Presently the boys are from Montessori to Class V and girls from Montessori to Matric.

The building next to Ahmed Bawany Academy is a Kaka Bawany Vocational Training Centre for women started in 2000 with different short courses, i.e. Cooking, Grooming, Stitching, Flower Designing, Hygienic, First Aid, Yoga, Computer, etc. (now conducting more than 60 different courses). The idea was especially to help Female Sector in our Society so they could learn something and help their respective families and upgrade them. The Administrator/Principal run it independently. The Director Operations/Member Board representing the Foundation always there to oversee both institution.

Initially, Late A.Karim Bawany was looking after both the Institutions. After his death in 2009, M.Tariq Bawany is the Managing Trustee of both the institutions. M. Tariq Bawany renovated both buildings (ABA & KAKA). Now both the buildings became the landmark of F.B.Area, Hussainabbad, Karachi.